Tasker Garage door routine

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    Feb 16, 2020
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    Hi All,

    I am new to Tasker but not new to automation. I would like to know if it is possible and how to do the following:
    I have have a tilt sensor and a wi-fi relay set to momentary.
    If I tell Alexa to close garage door and the door is already closed the door will open because when the routine runs it just fires the momentary contact (i.e. push button) causes the door to operate. What I want is to use the sensor as a condition so that if the sensor is in the closed position there would be a condition that goes like this:

    Alexa close garage door
    If door sensor is closed, Alexa says "door is already closed" and stops.
    If door sensor is open or anything other than closed Tasker will operate the relay the operate the door.
    Once the door is closed Alexa would announce "The door is closed" if after a set amount of time the sensor does not report the door closed a message is returned that the original command was not executed.
    This way you are not trying to open or close a door that is already in the position you want. Otherwise you would get the opposite result of what you want.

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