AutoVoice Google Home input not forwarded to Autovoice

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by acw, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Feb 13, 2018
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    i had following working configuration:

    - Google Home Mini
    - Android Tablet with Tasker and AutoVoice
    - Google Assistant Shortcuts for AutoVoice (e.g "TV on" = "Ask AutoVoice TV on"

    No i want to replace the Tablet with an Android Smartphone, but if i say "Okay Google Tv on" to the Home Mini AutoVoice only says "Command sent: TV on", but i didn't receive a Toast on my Android phone. If i only use the Assistant on the phone i get a Toast with the received message and everthing works as expected. So i think Google Home is not linked in the right way, but how can i fix this? I already reassigned my google account and relinked AutoVoice in Google Assistant but nothing helps.

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