AutoNotification Google Voice VoIP, Decline calls not in Contacts

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    Google Voice by itself does not have such a feature, especially when setup for VoIP operation over wifi or cell data plan. With this profile, callers not in Contacts will be sent to voicemail.

    Here's a working profile:

    Profile: GVoiceContactsOnly (28)
    Event: AutoNotification Intercept [ Configuration:Event Behaviour: true
    Notification Type: Only Created Notifications
    Notification App: Voice
    Notification Title: .*[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9].* (regex)
    Notification Text: Incoming call.* (regex)
    Package Name: (exact)
    Get All Fields : true ]
    Enter: Decline (29)
    A1: AutoNotification Actions [ Configuration:Button Text: Decline (exact) Timeout (Seconds):20 ]

    So for a caller in Contacts, Title field has their name (no digits), and Text field shows phone number.

    If NOT in Contacts, Title field has their number and Text field shows City or Area.
    In both cases the Text field begins with "Incoming call...", to distinguish from other GV notifications.
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    Thanks! :) Maybe you can share it here?

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