AutoVoice [GUIDE] KODI and whole home automation using a single Tasker Task and no Autovoice Command filters

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    I've been using a home automation module I've developed for voice control for over two years. I finally got around to integrating it with KODI.

    Phrases just work, are not order dependent, and there's absolutely no home automation logic on my phone (as this is never an elegant way to do integration). Absolutely all logic is contained in a FREE single cohesive home automation platform, called Premise Home Control.

    My SpeechParser (aka Voice Control) module relies on a simple "all" autovoice command phrase in a Tasker profile that passes every Google Now command to a Tasker javascript. The javascript then sends the phrase via a URL to my server, and Tasker reads back the HTTP response, allowing for true device state/actual feedback.

    There's absolutely no need for command filters, or a 100 different Tasker Tasks (e.g. one for each property for each device). The best part is Google Now still works as normal when the HA server doesn't successfully process a command, so regular operation is still maintained.

    The module and how to videos are all posted on my YouTube channel for you guys to use for free as an end user. The PC based home automation program is also free, and is very powerful, much more so Vera and other HA setups. A new user probably wants to start with How To video 1 through 7.3.1. Everything is shown step by step and explained in detail, including Tasker and Autovoice setup.

    My YouTube channel is here:

    PS: If anyone wants to use my modules commercially (e.g. for profit), PM me and we can work something out.
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