AutoVoice How Can I View/Modify My Data on the AutoVoice Server?

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by Richaardvark, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Quite regularly I have issues with data on the AutoVoice server conflicting with what's in my app/Tasker. For example, right now I cannot get a Natural Language/Dialogflow command to work because there already exists an AutoVoice/"Personal Assistant" command with the same phrase that I created by accident. I deleted the item in Tasker and also deleted it in AutoVoice in the "Assistant" section / synchronized my device with the server / logged out and back in, but it still exists on the AutoVoice server and is causing Tasker to not respond to the correct Natural Language command I have setup.

    With Dialogflow, being a separate service and now part of Google, I can go in online to their console and make modifications that way as well + view/edit data, etc. Is there any way I can modify my AutoVoice server data? Isn't the data mine, and isn't it somehow tied-in to my Google Account somewhere? How can it be accessed?

    Thank you!
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    In AutoVoice, go to the command list and pull down to refresh. That'll make it sync with the latest version from the server.
    Although, be advised, if you have a profile in Tasker that reacts to a certain command with the AutoVoice Recognized condition, using the Easy Way, it'll automatically create that command for you on the server :)
    Hope this helps!

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