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    0 is one of the best free online games on computer (PC) - you can play now. Your mission in this game is to collect weapons, equipment and fight against other players to become the last survivor. Despite the simple game mechanic, it is difficult for you to win sometimes. If you are a newbie, here are some useful tips that make you better at the game.

    1. Practice

    Playing a lot, of course, is the great tip to get better in the game.
    Of course, the first tip comes without a surprise: playing a lot. Playing the game frequently not only will get you better at aiming but also give you a higher chance of killing your enemies. So, to increase your win rate, let’s play this game whenever you have free time.

    2. Choose your favorite gun

    Tip number 2 is finding a favorite gun and stick to it. If you find a favorite gun and take time to learn all of its advantages and disadvantages, it will improve your overall and performance with that gun. For example, yellow guns are most common but relatively inaccurate, so that you can use it in mid-range combats. Red guns are exclusively shotguns, and there are only three; they are extremely powerful weapons in close-range battles.

    3. Use grenades

    Using grenades properly will increase the chance of you winning a battle significantly.

    Using grenades properly is the next useful tip in – one of the greatest online games no download free to play now. If you know how and when properly uses grenades, they can increase the chance of you winning a battle significantly. There are specific times when grenade should and should not be used.

    For instance, frag grenades should not be used in the close quarter because they can bounce off walls and kill you instead. They should be used when you are about to die or being chased as the person chasing you will be distracted to dodging these grenades. Another one, smoke grenades should only be used in the worst situations. If you are right about to die, throwing a smoke grenade can give you more time to heal.

    4. Loot

    Loot faster and more efficiently if you want to get more kills in this game.

    Loot faster and more efficiently if you want to get more kills in this game. At the beginning of the game, you can spam the F button right you are breaking a crate to reduce the time between breaking it and picking up the items. Or after killing your enemies, you should take a look over all of the equipment that they dropped and highlight the essential loot that must be picked up. You should also know that having more or less equipment does not alter your movement speed so try to get as many items as possible.

    5. Adrenaline

    Know what adrenaline is and how to use it efficiently will help you a lot during the fighting. Adrenaline is stat at the top of your health bar, and you can only see it if you digest a soda or pills. You probably know adrenaline helps your health stronger over time but what you may not know is that if your amount of adrenaline is over 50%, your movement speed will be increased and you can run around the battlefield much faster. You can refill your adrenaline by taking pills or soda and remember that using one pill is faster than using two sodas.

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