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    It can be said that the best pocket knife is one of the most useful tools in human history, and this is not an overstatement. For thousands of years, blades have helped us cut food, save people, combat crime, hunt, and complete countless other tasks in life.

    What are the types of pocket knives on the market today?

    When we talk about the best pocket knives Thekinglive, you might think it really doesn't matter what kind of knife. And then you find out that there are actually many types, and now you're completely confused as to which one to choose... So let's find out what’s the difference between a single blade, multi-blade, and multi-tool.

    A single-pocketed knife

    Single-edged pocket knives are often associated with simplicity and compact size. To be honest, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The manufacturer makes them stronger and more rugged when it comes to mechanizing them. This makes them better suited to deal with more demanding types of work. They may also have spring-loaded opening mechanisms, which allow them to open effortlessly.

    On the contrary, the disadvantage of a blade is the lack of variety. These knives are perfect if you are looking for a robust all-purpose knife, but if you are looking for the best folding knife that can deal with, say wood, this is not for you.


    Multi-blade pocket knife

    This type of knife has multiple blades that allow you to perform two to three different jobs.

    A multi-edged pocket knife usually has two, three, or four blades. Double-edged models tend to be more traditional and have a combination of blades, sheep's feet, pens, or point cutters.

    However, three or four-blade pocket knife models may offer options for you. You can require different types of blades in the same knife. While multi-blade models offer you variety, the multi-blade pocket knife won't give you as much strength and durability as a single-blade pocket knife. It is worth considering this when deciding which knife to buy.

    Swiss army knives & multi-tool knives

    Sometimes you need a pocket knife to do all your tasks well. Common features of the Swiss army knives are Saws, toothpicks, tweezers, openers, nail files, scissors, corkscrews, and magnifying glass and other versatile tools, so these are really top-rated pocket knives. The most multidimensional on the market.

    Initially, the Swiss Army Knife was created to meet the needs of the soldiers as they needed to be ready to to perform a number of missions. Since that initial design, Swiss Army knives and multi-tools have generally only become more useful and reliable.

    Today, these knives come in many shapes and sizes. Many different useful functions in the same knife, but also compact enough for you to carry with you at any time.

    How would you use your pocket knife?

    If you are a craftsman, the needs of your work will be different from a office worker, the police or a youtuber.

    Can high quality pocket knives be used every day, perhaps at work, or just on a weekend camping trip, on a picnic, or does the pocket knife include all of the scenarios above?

    For such an essential tool for everyday use, a pocket knife can come in many different design shapes and each part has the function to help you do well with specific tasks.

    A knife with excellent qualities in heavy tasks will not look like a knife used for smaller and lighter tasks.

    Also, how would you use a pocket knife in the environment? if it is exposed to high humidity or salt water or will you use it in low temperature environments? Please consider all of the questions above because if you choose the right knife it will work perfectly.

    Blade selection for you

    Next, we’ll talk about your blade size. This is vital to consider that your blade’s size is legal in your living area regardless of your intended use. For example, a blade that is over 2.5-inch is banned in Chicago. Moreover, if you are a government employee, you may follow rules distinct from people.

    Small blades type - pocket knives which are under 2.75 inches

    This type is an awesome tool for complex tasks; they are considered lighter and easier than other kinds of knives and are not illegal in many places.

    Medium blades type -pocket knives which have the size from 2.75 to 4 inches

    The medium blade is the ideal pocket knife size to carry around with you every day if the law in your area allows it.

    Large blades - pocket knives which have a size that is over 4 inches

    These big knives can do a great job in many difficult tasks, but you can fold them to carry them more easily.

    Although something so big might seem strange for small chores, you should consider carefully whether to buy such a large knife for daily work or not.

    Who makes the best pocket knives?

    Below is a list of some of the most trusted manufacturers that are the best quality pocket knives industry. With most of their business based on reputation, it's unlikely that any of these companies will come up with a knife that is rubbish and risk ruining their brandname.

    • Benchmade
    • Spyderco
    • Kershaw
    • Cold Steel
    • Leatherman
    • Case Cutlery
    • SOG
    • Schrade
    How much do you want to spend on your best-rated pocket knives?

    Now that you've determined the shape of the knife and the size you want, it's time to tackle the price, which is always an important factor in your purchase decision.

    While you can buy great knives cheaply and some bad ones can sell for a high price, in general, most of you will pay for what you get.

    Less than $30- best pocket knife for the money.


    This is an economical range, or are also known as flea market pocket knives. At this price range, you can find a few real pocket knives, personally saying that most knives at this price range will be made from less durable materials and are less aesthetic.

    $ 30- $ 60

    With this price range, you can definitely buy a good pocket knife on the market. This is the ideal price range for most customers. A pocket knife priced from $30 to $60 with a blade usually made from higher quality steel, they also possess better material cutting capabilities. This is the ideal price for your budget for a good quality pocket knife.

    The price from $60 to $100

    At this price, you will find pocket knives with better material quality than the ones we reviewed earlier; the manufacturer has also improved them in terms of functionality and design. Any customer who wants a high-quality surge can

    consider this affordable pocket knife.

    A pocket knife is over $100

    An extremely high-quality knife in terms of design and functionality will be in this price range. It can be said that pocket collectors will spend their money on knives that cost $100 or more.


    We all know there are many types of best pocket knives in the world released every day on the market, but how do you know which one fits your requirements? Since a pocket knife has become one of the most important tools in our daily lives, that's why you need to find the best pocket knife for yourself.

    We are sure after this article you can choose the knife that is suitable to your daily tasks.
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