How to create a unique Phone ID that Tasker can use

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    Hi I need some help creating unique Phone IDs among multiple phones with identical versions of tasker on all phones (so the unique ID can't exist within anything in Tasker). Ideally I'd like Tasker to identify/grab the ID from the name I give the phone when one sets it up (Settings/About Device/Device name. Or re-create that name/ID in a third party app (or something) else that Tasker can grab the ID from. I will then use that ID as part of a email I'll send through Tasker. So my email would read something like "The phone running is "Add ID here". Does all that make sense? I have a feeling autoinput using UI Query could do this? But I'm not sure how?

    Additionally, I'd also like the email to send info of remaining storage space. I see I can send a bunch of variables including Ram info, but not storage. Is there a way? Much appreciated if you can shed any light on either matter. Thanks in advance. Graalsome.
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