AutoNotification Intercept is Repeating Telegram Messages

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by LordTech, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Hi Admin,

    Pls i'm having some issues with Auto Intercept on Telegram where it intercepts same message twice or more once i don't clear the notification tray. I have my production app sending me messages via my Telegram bot on a Telegram group which i use to process my customers orders immediately. I've set Telegram to Never Repeat Notifications but once in a while, Autonotification still intercepts old notifications from my Telegram group.
    What can i do to stop this multiple Interception pls because allowing it is not an option since i'll be running at loss regularly?

    Note: That this multiple notification doesn't happen immediately. At times, it could be after 10mins, 20mins, 1hr, etc. when i open the Telegram app or swipe through my notification tray. I tried using the %anid to Cancel notifications but it didn't really work because all notifications has same id(Telegram Group Chat Id) since i'm only capturing messages from one Telegram group.

    ****After lots of googling, i finally got it to work by using the unique order number in my message content to filter out messages i already processed.******
    Such a nice app, thanks Admin
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    Glad you got it! :)

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