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Discussion in 'Join' started by mrWeenus, May 5, 2020.

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    Have been really struggling trying to get Join SMS working through web client. When loading the site, I get a message
    No SMS found.
    Please enable the SMS service on your Android device.

    I am unable to load contacts as well from web client.

    I have run the diagnostics tests on my phone and everything passes. When using the chrome extension, everything works as intended and am able to send/receive texts. Issue is work computer restrictions prevent me from installing the Chrome extension on my work PC. I've attempted trying the web client from my phone as well as my personal laptop and get the same error message, so don't beleive its any blocked services on my work's network. I've tried changing default messaging app as suggested in one of the solutions within the forum (currently use Textra) and have yet to be successful. Able to use every other aspect of join I've attempted from web client but not SMS. Any suggestions would be thoroughly appreciated.
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    Hi there. I can confirm the issue and I'm working to fix it as soon as I can. thanks for the report.
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