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Discussion in 'EventGhost' started by Topolino, Jan 9, 2020.

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    Succesfully got Event Ghost and Android device talking to each other. However when I followed through the tutorials online and say get the PC to send a message "Hello" on Windows login on the Android device, in the AutoRemote logs screen it shows four events a few seconds apart with the message "Hello". Why 4 and not a single entry in the log? Also when you send a message to the PC from AutoRemote from the devices screen it shows up as expected in the EG left pane but it shows the first word of the message then "u" then the message, ie....

    Message.hello u'hello how are you'

    Can it not be designed to just show the message without this prefix, or better still the name of the device the message is sent from so.....Message From.Your mobile device name "Hello how are you"

    Lastly if I send a notification to my phone when my PC is powered up it shows one notification on the standard phone UI (as expected) but in the logs screen of AutoRemote it shows up as two identical events ie the time stamps are the same just the log numbers differ

    so typically I get for executing one macro in Event Ghost.......

    2020-01-09 11:56:41.543
    log content
    2020-01-09 11:56:41.524
    log content
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    Hi there. Those messages in eventghost are supposed to be as descriptive as possible so I added some more logs so that's informative :) There's no way to show which device it came from right now.

    About the logs on your phone, that's because I log the message in 2 different places for technical reasons :)
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