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    Join app version on android: 2.2.

    Step to reproduce:
    1. Add new contact to your phone (all of mine are synced with my google account)
    2. Disable/Enable the SMS and Call service on join to force a refresh of data.
    3. You can see Contacts and SMS files are uploaded to GDrive
    The new contact created in step 1 is absent from the new contact file in GDrive (step 3).

    • Sync contacts in google account. The new contact is on my phone and in the google contacts cloud (
    • Every needed authorization is ON on android app settings.
    • Every diagnostics tests are ok despite it returns it finds 153 contacts whereas my Google Contact app say I have only 143.
    Is there a delay before Join can detect new contact ?
    Is there a tasker way to force this disable/Enable the SMS and Call service on join ? Because it is required to Join get the conversations state as in my phone. Example when I delete a conversation on my phone, the conversation is still there in Join. The SMS service toggle is the tricks to get them synced.

    Edit: After some time and a force sync, now the new contact is found.

    There is still an issue: some contacts don’t have a picture. I can not find why.
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    Hi thanks for the report. Join automatically monitors and re-uploads your contacts, there shouldn't be a need to do it manually.
    However for some reason for some contacts the contacts API that Google provides doesn't provide a picture and I'm really not sure why...
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