AutoWeb Parsing multiple objects in a json data obtained from REST API

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    Hi joaomgcd,

    I have purchased your AutoWeb plugin to support you and I have been stuck in middle of doing something.

    I run a webstore using woocommerce where customers place their orders. I want to get the order data using REST API from my woocommerce installation using AutoWeb. I have followed your guide All the stuff works until I have only one order with specific status (such as pending or processing). Suppose a customer placed an order and I can get it's order data by using AutoWeb. But If another customer place an order then I can get the data of last customer only. Please find the json data and api file under attachments. Find my tasker task below.

    Code (Text):
    WooAPI-AutoWeb-OrderByStatus=on-hold (4)
            A1: AutoWeb Web Service [ Configuration:API: Woo
        API Action: Orders: Awaiting Review Timeout (Seconds):120 ]
            A2: Flash [ Text:Dear %billing_first_name,
        We have received your order# %aid. Our agent will contact you within 24 working hours.
         Long:On ]
    I want to get the data of each customer (data contains a separate object in json for each order). Am I missing something?

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    My guess by briefly looking at it is that you need to enable the "Is Array" option on the data that you want to get multiple values of :) Does that help?

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