Open possible to intercept a notification & cancelling the notification based on criteria within tasker

Discussion in 'Tasker' started by srevenb, Nov 11, 2019.

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    I am trying to block twitter notifications from three people because I get bombarded with there tweets all day. However, there are a couple of critical tweet notifications from them that I need to receive. I want to block all twitter notifications from these people EXCEPT notifications that contain specific text for each person. Autonotification did this perfectly but it only lets me create one rule per app so I planned on making something in tasker so that id be able to create multiple rules for the same app – but im wondering with tasker if its possible to intercept the notifcation before it arrives on your phone as a notification, similar to how autonotification can do this, or if instead the notification will appear for a split second and then be removed?
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    With AutoNotification the notification also appears for a split second :) Since it doesn't rely on the back-and-forth with Tasker though, it's normally faster.
    About only creating one rule per app, did you know you can add more than 1 filter by comma separating the filters in easy mode? You can also use regex in the non-easy mode :)
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