Open Problem with Join notifications when Tasker installed

Discussion in 'Join' started by Mina hanse, Jan 21, 2020.

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    I have been using the Join app for a long time and it has mostly worked perfectly but yesterday I installed Tasker, no profiles or tasks yet.

    Android 10, Join app 2.2 and Tasker 5.9.1

    Tasker seems to be interfering with my Join notifications send from anywhere. I used to get a notification which stayed until swiped away, but now all I see is "Uploading push history" and no notification. Only thing that has changed was installing Tasker with default settings. Removing Tasker fixes the problem.

    Using the following url to send notifications to the phone

    Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this behavior?

    EDIT: Also see the error "Checking if file already exists..."
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