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Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by supermooshman, Mar 13, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've run into a snag and not sure whether I'm doing things right (or very wrong :) )
    I'm trying to have an Autovoice command sent to my remote device but what I have right now, doesn't really seem the best way of going about it.

    What I'm trying is to have following play u2 (or anything else), while the Autovoice input command is given on my phone: "nexus play u2"
    1. Autovoice is intercepting Google App searches
      - works
    2. Profile:
      Autovoice recognized command: "nexus <?tabletaction>.+) (regex)"
      - works, tested by having a task say: "ok I'll %tabletaction"

    3. Task:
      Autovoice Recognize: Remote Devices: Asus Nexus 7
      - works kind of: an Autovoice listening dialog box appears, where another command can be said which in turn gets sent to the remote device
      >> is there a way of removing the listening dialog box and have %tabletaction directly sent to the remote device?

    4. >> if my question of #3 is possible, is it possible to have the contents of %tabletaction (which arrives as an array?) to be put into a variable (assuming that variables can not be used between devices), which in turn gets put into google now?

    Thanks everyone
    (amazing app... but after mastering Tasker somewhat, I'm again at -close to- zero ;) )
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    The idea with the recognize action is to execute the command directly on the other device. So when you run a recognize action with a remote device it'll recognize what you say and execute that on the other device.

    Maybe you could simply have a profile with a "nexus" command filter, and then separately say the command you want to execute? I know it's not as seamless but it'll work.

    Alternatively you can use Join or AutoRemote to directly send the command to the other device after saying it :)

    Hope this helps

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