Remove or make setting for Note to Self intercept in AutoWear

Discussion in 'App/Feature Suggestion' started by Alan Burnstine, Mar 10, 2020.

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    We talked about this last year on G+, and I have been attempting various workarounds without much success. Since Google finally fixed Note to Self and lists in Assistant, I would really like to be able to use "Note to Self" on my WearOS watch, but AutoWear intercepts it and sends the note contents as a command when installed, and I also don't want to live without Autowear. I don't think anyone would miss it if you just take the feature out entirely since we can now achieve the same function with AutoVoice, Join and IFTTT, but if you make it settable that would be fine too. I understand that this is really a Google issue, since you used to be able to choose the note taking app from the Wear app on the phone, but they removed that, and now give it to apps that ask for it. Not sure how it determines priority since AutoWear always wins, even if I install another app that supports it.
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    Sorry for the delay. Are you still having this issue? Unfortunately AutoWear doesn't really control what app gets it as you guessed. Weird that Google would remove that option from the Android Wear app! :O
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