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    I currently use the AutoRemote WiFi Service with SmartThings. It is pretty simple to send messages to AutoRemote from SmartThings once you know how it is supposed to work but receiving them would involve jumping through several hoops, some of which I may not fit through. Rather than risking doing myself a mischief, I'd find it really useful if I could 'poll' the AutoRemote device and get the information I need returned in the HTTP response.

    The current HTTP response to an AutoRemote WiFi Service request looks something like:

    "communication_base_params": {"type":"ResponseBasic","fallback":false},
    "sender":" ... ",

    Just something like being able to use the Tasker plugin to define the content of one extra field in the response would do the job. For example:

    "udf":"A string configured by Tasker",

    Now I don't mean having Tasker go off and do it's thing and then creating a custom response with the results. I mean keeping things the same as they are with the exception of adding an extra field that has already been defined. So I can receive a command over AutoRemote, have Tasker go off and do its things, have Tasker update the field with the results, and then have it returned next time a command comes in.

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    Yeah, sorry, unfortunately something like that is not possible... Maybe it would be cool if I could do that within Tasker itself: Create an HTTP Request event and an HTTP Response action... :)
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