AutoInput Root to give x,y click over UI void application?

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    Hey there,

    I wrote a fairly hefty tasker project to automate the uber/lyft driving experience so that it would automatically sign you out of one ride service when you got a ride in the other (e.g. got a lyft passenger, signs you out of uber. Ride over, signs you back into uber; and vice versa.) However, in March, Lyft stopped allowing their app to be clicked on via Accessibility. Now AutoInput says "Field cannot be clicked. App: System UI Id: veto" which is I'm guessin the OS saying "Hey, this app is vetoing your request for accessibility control over this app." This is also explained in the FAQ and I understand that.

    (On a slightly snarkier viewpoint, it's not too surprising that Lyft wouldn't allow a blind driver to rideshare for them -- but realistically, there are other Accessibility / handicap issues that could and should be allowed to be automated for the drivers -- being able to sign out or use physical buttons and automation such as a call from a family member or driving to a particular location to sign in and out of apps.)

    Is this something that Root Settings for AutoInput give me? The ability to click x,y over an app that otherwise has Accessibility locked down?
    What else does root settings allow for?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Unfortunately the root options in AutoInput are broken for most users, sorry. To do a click with root you can use the Shell Command action with the command input tap x y

    Hope this helps!
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