Multiple AutoApps Schedule virus scan with Tasker

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    Hello everybody, I have this project I tried to make but it did not really work like I wanted to, so here I am asking you, the experts (spoiler alert: I am a noob in using autoapps and tasker).
    I have avast antivirus installed on my phone and what I want it to do is a scheduled scan every night. I know that the app has already that feature but I don't want to keep avast active the whole day. I am using greenify to keep it quiet and what I wanted to do is to wake up the app and make the scan run in the background when my phone is locked (almost like what a wakelock does).

    I found a way that is to launch the scanning activity of the app using tasker, but the problem is that the activity cannot run when my phone is locked (as soon as I unlock it, the scan starts).
    I could potentially make a task that wakes up my phone, unlocks it, opens the apps, makes the scan run and then hibernate avast app and relocks the phone, but that is not what I want to do. I want everything to be in the background and at a predetermined time during the night.

    I tried to look into app services and intents, but as I said I am a noob and everything I know is that you can start a service or call an intent with tasker. What I miss now is to make something in practice that works and I really count on the community for help.
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    That would only work if Avast itself had some intents that would do that in the background. If there are no such intents unfortunately the only way would be for you to do it the way you mentioned.
    Hope this clarifies it!
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