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    Samsung Note 8, Android 9, Paid AutoInput version, all latest tasker software versions. AutoInput service running, not battery optimized.

    I have a few tasks via AutoInput that open up apps and simulate screen clicks at designated X,Y locations to automate things like unlocking my front door in my door lock app, opening garage, etc. Since the latest tasker update, autoinput will randomly stop registering the screen clicks. Meaning that the tasks still run, but when it comes time to automate the screen clicks, nothing happens with the exception of the AutoInput icon showing up in the notification bar at the exact time that the screen clicks are supposed to simulate, but no screen clicks get registered.

    If I restart the phone or force stop AutoInput and re initiate the AutoInput accessibility service, the tasks will start working again until usually a few hours later where I will be back to square one.

    On a separate note and I'm unsure if it's related, Easy setup no longer appears to be working either. When it comes time to do the long press action, it does not register. After returning to tasker and leaving the app, my phone then proceeds to exhibit weird behavior, such as my keyboard will no longer work. This is corrected after force stopping AutoInput.

    Appreciate any help from anybody or let me know if there's any further information I can provide. I had just purchased AutoInput a month ago and it was working flawlessly until about a week ago. I believe it was around the time of the latest Tasker Update.

    Thank you!!!!
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