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    Top 7 games like Clash of Clans

    If you have passion in Strategy and Join the most intensive battlefields to prove your strength, Clash of Clans is a perfect choice for you. This game is one of the most marvelous blendings of Strategy, War-based MMO and Combat video game which is made by SuperCell. The game lets you incline an army involving the Glorious Barbarians, Vikings, Knights, and Wizards in order to knock out the antagonist and run the world around you.


    Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans also challenges you to use all the available equipment, design your own village, protect it from the dangerous antagonists, monsters and a great number of other online players. You can access to new friends to get strong in the army might, threaten your enemies and conquer their world, resources and earn the gems. Clash of Clans is one of the best Strategy, MMO and War-based video game to play and enjoy. We also want you to experience more about these similar to Clash of Clans and here are a Top 7 games like Clash of Clans. Click here to learn more!

    1.Chaos Battle League
    The first interesting game in the Top 7 Games Like Clash of Clans is Chaos Battle League!

    The game was created by This Game Studio, Inc is an outstanding Real-time Mobile Strategy video game. The game requires iconic characters and lets you build up as well as control your team in real-time PvP Mayhem and defeat the rivals to raise your rank up the leaderboard. When engaging in the match, you have to connect to other players, form a guild to sell cards and complete some missions together to advance through the game. Gather and level up many brilliant characters, protections, and skills from around the legend and history.


    Chaos Battle League

    Also, you are able to change the avatar of the team and build defensive towers through designs. The game concentrates on the level-up system and allows you to share your tactics with your friends to defeat the mighty enemy. When you complete the quests and level up, the game will open beneficial perks for you to play and enjoy.


    2.Age of Empires: Castle Siege
    Up next is the cool game that I bet you are waiting for from our Top 7 Games like Clash of Clans - Age of Empires: Castle Siege!

    This game relates to factors of Tower-Defense, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Strategy, progressed by Smoking Gun Interactive. The game includes Multiplayer and determines mobile tactic elements. In the game, the player intends to create a castle, hire armies, collect resources and train his troops. They have to build their base, discovery the world to find treasure, expand his castle bigger and further by taking down enemies.


    Age of Empires: Castle Siege

    There are various types of buildings available to use and player and can store resources and will use the commercial building to produce useful goods while military buildings can be used to train forces, upgrade and open. The game has three different types of resources such as Stone, Wood, and Food. Don’t miss it!

    3.War of Nations
    Then, you will be amazed by the game War of Nations from out Top 7 Games like Clash of Clans!

    This game includes a Mass-Multiplayer, Mobile Strategy and Free-to-play game, created and released by Rockyou Inc. The game occurs in a remarkable world and it lets you have a chance to build a military base and struggle to take down the enemies. The initial objective is to become a commander by triumph over the world.


    War of Nations

    Hire your army, team-up with other players to run the world. Steer the world from isometric sight, build new buildings, pick up the resource and inclined in-size your base more and more progress during the gameplay. The game features throw wide the world to discover the building and look after strategic alliance factors. In Single-player mode, you must complete daily quests to receive some great rewards.

    4.Clash Royale
    Brought you by Supercell, Clash Royale is one of the most popular games since it was released in 2016. With more than 500 million Android and iPhone players, this is an absolutely great free tower game. In this game, you control an empire, your mission is to attack other players and take over. You can play as lone wolf or you can be a part of an organization. There are over 13 levels available for you in Clash Royale.


    Clash Royale

    Through rankings, you will have experience points, tools, trophies, and precious items. You will earn metals from the arena like Spell Valley, Bone Pit, and Frozen Peak. In Clash Royale, each card expresses a unit or a spell. Before starting a battle, you can pick 8 cards. Try Clash Royale once and you will be 100% surprised!

    5.Jungle Heat: War of Clans
    Jungle Heat: War of Clans progressed and released by is a Wonderful, Free-to-play, Strategy and War-based video game for mobile devices such as Android and iOS or Social Network. Come to the game, you will have an opportunity to experience multiplayer battle arena occurs in the giant forest. You have a right to build your platforms, plan your protections strategically, train and hire your army, and participate in the battle against blood-thirsty marauders to save the treasure of jungle.


    Jungle Heat: War of Clans

    Your main task is to save resources like gold and oil which are under the control of General Blood in the jungle. The game can be played with your fellows and other online players and connect yourself to PvP combat events. Try it out and enjoy.

    Click this site :

    6.Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars
    Coming up is Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars, which is incredible in our Top 7 Games Like Clash of Clans. This gameprogressed and released by Zhurosoft is an Entertaining, Massively Multiplayer Online, Combat, and Strategy game. The game occurs in the fantasy medieval period. According to the event, many years ago, Zenia’s Kingdom lived in peace and freedom. Suddenly, a Dark force came and destroyed everything.


    Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars

    Like a King or Leader, you must lead your army to fight back dark forces, prevent your town from evil enemies and make your nation stronger by picking more resources, and upgrades. You have to use protection strategically and combat against other players in intensive battlefields. When you defeat the opponents’ team you will get prizes. Prove yourself as the greatest commander. Moreover, you can make a guild with other players and play a game together.

    7.Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights
    Last but not list in our Top 7 Games Like Clash of Clans is a game called Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights. This game is a great blending of RTS, Tower-defense, and tactic elements, features Role-playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Mobile Strategy. The game is available to play on both Android and iOS and requires the same gameplay as Clash of Royale.


    Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights

    The game happens in an imaginary world popular with evil enemies and other rival players. Your main task is make up your own village, hire your army and equip them with powerful tools and weapons in order to fight against enemies and online players to protect your units. The game requires hundreds of characters for you to choose and each of them has its own power and skills.

    Final Verdict
    We hope that our Top 7 Games like Clash of Clans list will be appropriate for your desire in Strategy and Shooting as well. If you want to experience more, you can access to learn more!
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