Solved Send file with Join that has %VARIABLE in its name

Discussion in 'Join' started by wweatherby, Sep 19, 2019.

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    Sep 19, 2019
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    Hi all. I'm setting up an old tablet to act as a hub for my home devices.

    Till now, I managed to do this: I send a request from my phone with Join, then Tasker on my tablet fetches the request, and starts a task that creates a log.txt file with some infos that I need (like %BATT, %UPS, and so on).

    The point is: I want to send this log back to my phone. I set that every log request should create a log file, whose name is


    having set %FILENAME as %TIMES_%DATE, so that every time it creates a new log with a new name.

    How can I then send this specific file I've just created with Join? When I create a Join task, it just asks for a file to choose and doesn't allow me to put variables in that field.
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    Choose a file that already exists in the same path and then simply replace the time with the variable name :)
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