Multiple AutoApps SMB share when charging

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    Mar 27, 2017
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    I got an idea (haven't found this on Google), that goes something like this.

    Event = connected to specific network and charger plugged in.
    Task = autostart SMB share.

    Now, I've seen similar tasks, but they seem to only sync folders between 2+ devices.

    My main goal is to use this to stream media to my PS2/PS3.
    I need it to actually act precisely as a Windows SMB share. I tried sambadroid, but it seems utterly outdated. AndSMB didn't work other than synchronizing and then shuts down.
    Anyone care to help out?

    The profile (if working) may be used as part of a tutorial I'm writing for a PS2 forum, and due credit will be given to respective participants.


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