AutoRemote (Solved) Tasker-->AutoRemote just one time success?

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    Solved. It's because battery saver in AutoRemote

    I have a TASKS named "test1" : test1 --> AutoRemote Message --> IFTTT --> LINE message

    PROFILES: From 09:50 every 5m Till 10:20
    1.AutoRemote Message: Recipient:IFTTT, Message:FBN=:=%TIME, with Continue Task After Error checked
    2.Flash :%errmsg

    at time 09:50: LINE message=[IFTTT] 09.50, no %errmsg (so I think settings are all right)
    at time 09:55: no LINE message, %errmsg=Timeout
    10:00, 10:05......just as same at time 09:55

    After I tap "test1"--> tap AutoRemote Message -->tap Configuration-->do nothing in AutoRemote Message page-->go back to Action Edit-->Task Edit-->Tasker-->Phone Desktop(to save changes), I will get the result like above(that is one time success again).

    Any help? suggestion? idea? Thanks very much.
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