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    first thank you so much for creating such a tool, the more i use it the more ideas i get so thanx again.
    below are some ideas i think it could make the app slightly easier/flexible to use
    • allow direct navigation to perform task selected action
    • inc/dec buttons to all the range sliders, because trying to get a precise value is hard using only ur fingers.
    • allow to scroll past the end of all the pages "similar to web editors" for easier usage instead of toggling the bottom bar.
    • allow of downloading all the tasker/plugins docs for offline usage & fix the guide pages that doesn't work
    • delete button to actions page "same as in profiles & tasks pages" instead of relying only on drag and drop
    • undo/redo button for deleted/changed items ex."tasks,actions,etc.."
    • allow canceling the action when pressing on the back button instead of having to reach all the way to the top to press the 3 dots menu and choosing cancel
    • change the top 3 dots menu to a side menu "similar to play store menu" which could have a multiple items in a long list instead of sub-menus which you could easily get lost at
    • add an alert on creation of profiles that runs for long times ex."a profile with context of display On" which makes tasker consumes the battery more rapidly
    • have a unified place for best practices/tips & how to use tasker in the best & most efficient way possible.
    • allow to use helper tasks as part of the profile context, this is basically to get around the limitation of events/states of tasker&plugins which are only avail as an action
    • allow the long press menu inside task to paste copied actions, which atm only work if the task is empty
    • simplify the condition operator ex."whats is the diff between (equals & math:equals)"
    • allow to save the profile context value to a variable so it could be easily used in the task ex."custom setting event" which atm you either
      • create multiple profiles for each value
      • or use the custom setting action inside the task to set the value dynamically to a variable
    • add a dragging icon to the items when "the list item dragging options" is changed to visible, atm its only a vertical line
    • show an alert when the profile/task/etc.. sorting option is set to anything other than 'User' and the user tries to reorder manually, or even set the sorting automatically to 'User'
    • from time to time some actions could stop working or doing what its expected, the solutions for this could vary from
      • restarting the devices
      • to disable/enable tasker
      • to changing some actions inside the tasks it self
    but if the user had an easy way to debug the actual problem i think it would help tremendously everyone achieving what he/she wants without too much trouble.​
    • for perform task, tasker could automatically set the priority to a higher/lower value to make sure the actions run in a synchronous & expected fashion instead of the current Async/parallel way where the perform task action is automatically set the to the parent task priority.
    • have a global options for things like
      • task collision handling
      • profiles (restore settings/enforce task order/show in notification)
      • what to show in the tasker main notification ex."show all the running profiles names instead of numbers"
      • etc...
    • a duplicate action button instead of having to select > copy > select > paste
    • a button to copy the condition or if its hard then dont clear the action _if conditions_ when the type is changes ex."change the action from (Perform Task) to (Stop)"
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    Thank you very much for all your suggestions! :) Phew, those are a lot of them.

    Would you say any of those are the most important ones you'd like to see implemented?
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    Feb 1, 2019
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    probably the most important for me atm would be
    - direct navigation to the task from the perform task action
    - undo/redo button for deleted/changed items ex."tasks,actions,etc.."
    - get tasker to be consistent with saving so we can avoid
    again thank you very much for all the hard work u've done.
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