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    Just a quick background on my set up.
    I'm using alexa to initiate spotify by asking alexa to play an artist or a song. Once the song starts playing on the echo I utilize autovoice to initiate a task that selects a CCA group and begins playing through the whole home audio set-up. Once this task is executed alexa loses the ability to control spotify without the the help of autovoice.
    With the help of autovoice and autoweb I've been able to closely replicate the controls but I do have some issues or questions I'm trying to work around. 2 of the 3 are probably un-solvable but I'll ask anyway.

    1 - I currently have two profiles.
    °-> "Alexa, ask autovoice to play <artist>"
    •This profile utilizes %avcommnofilter to extract the artist name
    °-> "Alexa, ask autovoice to play <song> by <artist>"
    •This profile uses regex to extract song and artist
    Both of the execute separate tasks that use autoweb to find artist or track uri and begins to play them.
    The only issue I'm having is that because both command filters begin with the word "play", I'm getting the following error from the first task when executing the second profile (song and artist )
    { "error" : { "status" : 400, "message" : "Invalid context uri" }}
    The task will execute just fine but I have this error for every song I ask to play.
    I would like to keep the command filters the sameeting if possible.
    2. Is it possible to change the invocation name for autovoice? For example instead of "Alexa, ask Autovoice..." I would like to say "Alexa, ask spotify.."
    3. When asking alexa a command while listening to music directly on the echo speaker, alexa will mute the music so it can hear the command. Would it be possible to build a task that would mute the media on a device whilet asking alexa a command without triggering autovoice to do it? (This one I'm sure is not solvable )
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    1. You can check if the command contains the word "by" and if it doesn't don't perform the task that searches by artist :)
    2. Not possible, sorry. Amazon doesn't allow that
    3. Also not possible. No way for me to know that starting to talk to alexa.
    Hope this helps somewhat!
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