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Discussion in 'Join' started by John Test, Dec 10, 2018.

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    Dec 10, 2018
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    Hey joaomgcd,

    So I see an issue that I'm having was already created earlier over at:

    Running the diagnostic seems to have it stuck on "Testing registration on Join's server..." and the only solution seems to be reinstalling the extension all together so there seems to be some error that is occurring. When I open the join.html console, I do see two errors toward the beginning of the console that read:

    Error handling response: TypeError: Error in invocation of windows.create(optional object createData, optional function callback): Error at parameter 'createData': Unexpected property: 'selected'.


    Unchecked runtime.lastError: No current window

    As an addition to the extension acting weird, sms messages that are displayed through the extension are essentially showing as double when viewed and messages that I send from my phone directly don't show up/don't get pushed to Join until I receive an sms. I can still send messages through Join and it still does receive notifications from time to time but this does not seem to be network related but rather some error with the extension itself which I have had happen both at work and at home.

    Other than that, love the extension. Great work and hope I can help fix this issue.
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    Hi there! Thanks for the report! To clarify, is that in a regular Chrome installation? About the SMS issue, please check here. Both the duplicates and SMS not showing up issues are addressed there :)
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