Open Tasker, Raspberry Control Slider and Timelapse with Smartphone

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    I currently use Tasker with several plugins to timelapse a smartphone camera.

    I would like to make it more advanced the script, so i after i followed this tutorial:

    i motorised a slider, install that software on raspberry pi and control the slider.

    What i want is, to be able to make a task from tasker, to control comunicate with gpio from raspberry pi, so i could move the slider one direction on certain time.

    As i saw in that software, it was comunicating trough GPIO.

    So ideea is: to have the phone on the slider, and control it from another phone.

    Tasker to do:

    open android camera app
    move slider 10cm for example stay 10seconds
    android camera take a picture
    again move slider 10cm take picture
    for certain amount of time

    Any ideea how to do that?

    Thank you



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