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    Is it possible to trigger a Tasker action in response to outgoing SMS sent using the Join Chrome Extension?

    Unsuccessful attempts:
    - Tasker can trigger on SMS Success, but only for SMS sent by Tasker itself.
    - Sending a remote SMS does not appear to pass an AutoApps command (e.g. jointextpush=:=).
    - Sending a remote SMS does not appear to trigger the Join Tasker plugin's "Push Received" trigger.
    - Join does not seem to broadcast any intents when receiving a remote SMS command?
    - AutoNotification can intercept the toast notification that appears ("Sending SMS to number..."), but it does not appear to trigger unless the screen is on.
    - Reading SMS on the Chrome extension no longer clears my SMS application's notification (I use Textra), so I cannot trigger on Notification Clear.

    Is there any hook to detect this action in Tasker?
    Many thanks.
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