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Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by Qlab, Mar 9, 2018.

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    Im hoping AutoVoice fills in a gap in the Google Home intigration with
    Ill start by saying I have a Google Home or Mini in every single room of my house, even the bathrooms. That Christmas sale was too good to pass up.

    What I am hoping to accomplish is have various automations in my (HASS) trigger a response from the Google Home in specific rooms and then ask a question. I can technically already accomplish the first part via text-to-speech in HASS. (if motion detected in bedroom > send tts message to bedroom home) but there is no way to trigger the google home to await an answer.

    Here is an example of what I would like to accomplish. I have a 3 bedroom house, and one roommate. The 3rd bedroom is a guest room. Each of the rooms is setup with a z-wave light switch that if you double tap the off, it will set the bedroom into sleep mode. If all 3 bedrooms go into sleep mode then the house goes into sleep mode as well. There is a rule setup that if Guest Mode is off, then it only needs two of the bedrooms (mine and roommates) to go into sleep mode for the house mode to change.

    So I want the motion sensor in the guest bedroom to do the following when it detects motion.
    Announce (on the guest bedroom Home Mini) - "Motion detected in the guest bedroom. Would you like to enable guest mode?" Then force the Home Mini in the guest bedroom to await a yes/no response that will communicate back with HASS to turn on the Guest Mode switch.

    Hoping for some ideas on how to accomplish this if possible.
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    Unfortunately that's just not possible. Google doesn't allow external apps to make the Google Home start listening. Sorry!

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