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Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by BigNutz, Jul 17, 2019.

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    Long time Tasker fan and user, but unfortunately I'm not like some of the power user I see on here which I wish I was. I am new to ChromeCast and even more so to AutoCast. One thing I learned about Tasker a long time ago was if you ever want to be better at leveraging what is without question the single most powerful Android app available, you need to dive in and start screwing around with all the levers and buttons!

    But sometimes all the "Fail Fast" trial & error doctrine in the world doesn't lead to success. And I've seen that when that happens, usually someone here knows when the desired results are not an option and why. However, the more common story is that someone either has the skills to make it work easily, or they know a way to make it work with indirect methods, often using other AutoApps which were never considered.

    I'm not certain if this is even what AutoCast was designed to do, but it was my initial thought when pondering what automation functions I would find useful, and seems simple enough.

    Task: Whilst streaming a video or audio service using my ChromeCast Ultra on my Samsung 4K widescreen, if my cell phone recieves an incoming call, AutoCast immediately pauses whatever media is playing on the ChromeCast.

    Here are my initial thoughts:

    I need to create a profile which becomes active when ChromeCast is actively playing media (state?) and is triggered by an incoming call (event?).

    Does AutoCast have that type of State profile option, or do I need to somehow go the long way around to get what I want with AutoNotification, AutoTools, or AutoInput?

    Would a variable make sense here? Such as %ChromeCast_Playing with a value of 1 for yes, or 0 for no?

    I'm not certain I understand how deeply integrated into the ChromeCast system AutoCast can go. For instance, does AutoCast recognize automatically whether or not ChromeCast is active and playing, or any system status information? Does the media app which is being used by ChromeCast matter (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc)?

    Adding the incoming call trigger is a no brainer. However, are there any potential which would proclude my idea, or which could limit the utility of the task? As with above, are there any AutoCast limitations when controlling the playback any of certain apps, which may prevent Tasker from pausing the video or audio?

    I appreciate the assist!

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    Unfortunately I do not think that's possible :( It used to be but then Google removed that ability. The only way that could work would be if when casting you have a notification on your phone alerting you of that. Do you?

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