AutoInput Using AutoInput Key when Display is Off

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by flexxx, May 14, 2017.

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    This issue has been discussed before but still I couldn't find an answer to my specific question:
    My Plantronics Voyager Edge bluetooth headset has a media button which sends the aikeycodename "Media Pause" when long pressed. This works perfectly fine with the Plantronics App: it pauses the track I'm playing on Play Music if I press it. However, I would rather have it to skip to the next track instead of pausing it. I figured Tasker would helpt. And AutoInput has exactly the right option to do that:
    Profile: AutoInput --> Key --> Keys: Media Pause
    Task: Media Control --> Next (with some additions)
    This works perfectly as long as I'm in Tasker. Being in another app, let alone have the display off, ruins the whole setup and music is being paused instead of being skipped.
    Is there any way to have this task work while the display is off? My phone is not rooted and I wouldn't want to.
    Also, I'm not bound to the AutoInput Plugin. If it works with any other extension, I'm happy to buy it.
    I also tried AutoVoice, but tasker does not react to that specific media button - neither "BT pressed" nor "BT pressed (2)" works with that one.
    Any idea what else I could try?
    Thanks a lot!!
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    Tasker has built-in media button conditions IIRC. Did you check those out? :)

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