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    Up until recently, I used Life360 in conjunction with IFTTT in order to send location information to my local node-red server so that I can control smart home devices based on where I am. I was using this because most of my devices are controlled by Samsung Smartthings and the location system on there seems to have been broken since the recent upgrade.

    ANyway - of course not Life360 and IFTTT are getting divorced in early December so that will stop working.

    With a bit of searching, I found the join action/IFTTT link that, with a bit of testing and fine-tuning seems to work pretty well when being triggered by tasker tasks on my phone. SO I thought that I could use the geofencing feature on tasker to trigger the tasks when I leave or arrive in my home zone.

    Now the problem (finally you all cry!). When the geofence is triggered and tasker tries to invoke the join action, if there is no or poor internet connection then it fails and it does not appear to retry. So - how do I make it retry the action until either it works or, perhaps, some maximum time or attempts expires.

    Many thanks for any help.

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