AutoTools Web screen variable not accessible from Automagick

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by vedymin7, Mar 3, 2019.

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    Hi All, it's my first post here. So first of all thanks! you João for all those possibilities which you bring to my life :D I'm using Join and few AutoApps, however, I'm not using Tasker. And here is why I'm writing this post
    You can see in the title that I'm using Automagick. I switch to it from Tasker because of flow diagram UI and scripts. And I have no idea if you maybe ban me for that but I will try to ask anyway! :)

    In Automagick all (from those which I checked) AutoApps plugins work correctly. Almost...
    I'm trying to create a Web screen with a variable. If I use exact same configurations in Tasker everything runs fine, I can see variable value in a Web screen. In Automagick however, Web screen plugin doesn't read variable. I have no idea why. I also don't know what is your (I mean all of you guys) experience with Automagick.

    Link to the topic on Automagick forum:
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    From that thread, it seems that it works now? :)

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