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    Hello all:

    I purchased Tasker and I was seeing if there was a solution out there already. I'm starting a blog with custom post types, that I'd like to auto-upload to instagram. Ideally, I'd like it to do this.

    Idea 1: RSS feed to Instagram
    Idea 2: New post email (to dedicated email address) to Instagram

    WordPress-post-title #blogname
    The above would be limited to 140 characters. The space and #blogname is 9 characters alone, so it would chop the WordPress-post-title string to 131 characters. After the hashtag, there would be a hard break (enter) and the rest of the post body. All images are pre-cropped when posted to WordPress and square. No filters would be required.

    Title: Here is my latest bread recipe!
    Body: First mix eggs, flour and yeast into a bowl.
    <<Photo of cake>>

    Here is my latest bread recipe! #blogname First mix eggs, flour and yeast into a bowl.
    <<Photo of cake>>

    Character limit is due to easy Twitter posting. Once in Instagram, I can easily share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Though, I'm open to other ways of systematically sharing it.

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