Can't Fix Wifi command android Q beta

Discussion in 'Tasker' started by Lorenzo Carullo, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Hi, i have installed on my pixel 2 XL the new Android Q beta. And with that the wifi on/off command of tasker doesn't work anymore.

    Any idea for resolve problem?

    This Is the error if wifi Is off and i use WiFi on command

    06.09.41/M lastWifiDisableAgoMS: 1552540181645
    06.09.41/E check AP state
    06.09.41/E AP state: 1
    06.09.41/M lastWifiDisableAgoMS: 1552540181645
    06.09.41/E current state: 1
    06.09.41/E curval: 1
    06.09.41/E WiFi: cur: false new: true
    06.09.41/E WiFi: setWifiEnabled()
    06.09.41/E WiFi: enable failed
    06.09.41/M setKeepWifiOn: E/doWifiStatus1
    06.09.41/E result: stop task (error)
    06.09.41/E Errore: 1
    06.09.41/MacroEdit action finished exeID 1 action no 1 code 425 status: Err next 1

    If wifi Is on and i lunch wifi off command, i don't have any error, but the command doesn't work, wifi rest Always on.

    Thanks for helping.
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    That's expected. Google disabled that functionality in Q. Check here.
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