Add a Desktop or Taskbar Shortcut for the Chrome Extension

Learn how to easily launch Join for Chrome from a quick shortcut

  1. joaomgcd
    For the video tutorial, check here:

    Steps get it working:
    1. Copy and paste this URL in a new tab: chrome-extension://flejfacjooompmliegamfbpjjdlhokhj/devices.html?tab=notifications&popup=1
    2. In Chrome open the Menu -> More Tools -> Add To Desktop...
    3. Confirm that you want to add it to the Desktop
    4. Right-Click the icon on your desktop -> Properties -> change icon to this.
    5. Drag the icon to your Taskbar
    6. Open the shortcut and resize as needed
    7. Close the popup and open it again. Notice how it retains the last position you used for it
    You're done! You now have a easy to use shortcut for the Join Chrome extension! :cool:

Recent Reviews

  1. bmello777
    Doesn't work w/ Google Chrome V.71.0.3578.98.
  2. Morgane
    That's excellent! However, with this shortcut window, when i send a file to a device, the window closes automatically. Is there a way to keep the shortcut open ?
  3. capstan
    Great! Makes it way more accesible if Chrome isn't focused