APOD Wallpaper 1.2

Get Astronomy Picture of the Day wallpaper with API

  1. autormali
    This project will set your phone wallpaper with Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) and provide notification with info about the resource.

    Requirements: AutoApps, AutoWeb, AutoNotification, AutoShare and file browser that supports OpenIntents (e.g. OI File Manager, Total Commander).

    Import Pick File and Browse URL intents from the AutoShare intents page.

    Import NASA Open APIs to your AutoWeb.


    It's not necessary to register to get API key. Use provided in API demo key.


    Profile APOD Initiate is activated one time daily and performing APOD Wallpaper task which sets the phone wallpaper with APOD image and depending on the resource media type, generates notification.
    The following actions are available in the notification:
    - share URL of image/video (with AutoShare),
    - save the image if recource is image type (with AutoShare Pick File intent) or

    - watch in YouTube app if resource is video type (with AutoShare Browse URL intent), of course in this case the wallpaper will not change,

    - listen the APOD description with Text to Speach,
    - read the APOD description (in AutoTools dialog).


    Profile APOD: apod=:= is performing all above actions.
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  1. R4V3N_2010
    Version: 1.0
    Works flawless thanks for this profile
    1. autormali