App Selection Dialog 1.3

A simple app selection dialog, similar to what you would find in a launcher

  1. [BUGFIX] The last item in the dialog was not correct

    Robert Ryan
    Finally got back to this, sorry for the delay. All should be working now. The following bugs were fixed:
    • The last icon in the dialog was not displayed properly.
    • When selecting the last icon, its package was returned with an extra space character at the end.
  2. Another Update...

    Robert Ryan
    Well now I'm just being obsessive :D

    Reduced the code by 50%, same functionality.
  3. BUGFIX Update

    Robert Ryan
    BUGFIX: Extra spaces at the end of returned results.
    This revision compensates for a bug in AutoTools. If you select the last item of a List Dialog, its value is always returned with an extra space at the end. This was causing problems with text matching. Added actions to remove the extra spaces.

    CAN'T FIX: The last app in the dialog has the wrong app icon displayed.
    This is caused by an extra space inserted into the last element of the %alicons array by AutoTools. I have no control over...
  4. App Selection Dialog 1.1

    Robert Ryan
    Added the option to select multiple apps. When executing this with the Perform Task action, set %par(1) to any value to activate multiple selection. The selected packages will be returned in a comma separated list. Use Variable Split on this list if you want an array.

    Leave %par(1) blank for the original behaviour.
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