Bringing Back Now On Tap 2018-10-02

Remember Now on Tap and how Google removed it from Android? It's back!

  1. joaomgcd
    If you have at least Tasker version 5.4.6b (you might need to join the beta) you can directly import this project from here. Otherwise download the attached file.

    In case you don't remember, Now On Tap was a feature that existing before Google Assistant was a thing. You would long press your home button and it recognized whatever was on your screen and gave you info about it.

    Google removed that feature when Google Assistant came out, but we can bring it back using Tasker, Google Lens and AutoShare!

    This is how it'll look like:

    You'll need:
    Import the task and then run it once, so that it configures your 3rd Tasker Quick Setting tile with it.

    Then add the tile to your quick setting tile list and click it to get the Now-on-tap-like functionality! :cool:

Recent Reviews

  1. Adam R
    Adam R
    Version: 2018-10-02
    I've been missing this ability since Now On Tap was replaced with Google Assistant. It was the function I thought most useful and I was very salty when I found out they didn't carry it over. This setup is perfect and does exactly the same thing that I've been missing. It brought a smile to my face running it the first time. It's so nice that you even create a quick settings tile as part of it all.

    Great work, you're a true hero!