Cast Google Play Music Playlist to Chromecast

Learn how to start playing a playlist in Google Play Music and start casting it automatically

  1. joaomgcd
    This is what it'll look like when it's done:


    • Open Tasker
    • Create new Task
    • Call it Cast Music Playlist


    • Add new AutoShare action
    • Choose to Get More Intents!
    • Look for the Search And Play Playlist intent
    • Click it
    • Choose to import it with AutoShare Import Intent
    • Touch the back button to go back to AutoShare
    • In AutoShare, under App, select Media
    • Under Action select Search and play Playlist
    • Under Playlist write the name of one of your playlists. In my case I wrote Eddie Vedder
    • Accept and go back to Tasker
    (i) If you now test the task you'll see that you're given the option in which app to perform the AutoShare action. We want to open it in Google Play Music automatically so...
    • ...go back to the AutoShare action
    • Click on Find Compatible Apps
    • Select Play Music
    • Accept and go back to Tasker
    (i) If you now test the task again you'll see that Google Play Music will open and start playing your playlist right away.


    • Add an AutoInput Action Tasker action
    • Click on Easy Setup so that AutoInput can help you detect the cast button you want to click
    • Open Google Play Music
    • Expand the notification bar and the AutoInput notification there
    • Click the +Add button in the notification
    • In Google Play Music click the Cast Button
    (i) This will make AutoInput detect that you clicked the cast button but will not actually click the button.
    • Check that AutoInput correctly detected the Cast Button
    • In the AutoInput notification click on Accept
    • Go back to Tasker
    • Select the Element Text: Cast button option
    • Select the Click action
    (i) With this you just configured AutoInput to click on a button with the text Cast button. That text isn't actually visible on the screen but is associated with the button and AutoInput can see that special invisible text. :)
    • Accept these settings and go back to Tasker
    (i) If you now test the task you'll see that Google Play Music will start playing the playlist and that AutoInput will click the cast button, making a list of cast devices show up. Now all you need to do is click the cast device with AutoInput

    /!\ Note that there's usually no need to add Wait actions before AutoInput actions because AutoInput will wait for a button to be available to click it. It may be necessary to add wait actions in cases where the app you want to click can't correctly handle the fast clicks AutoInput provides.


    • Add another AutoInput Action Tasker action
    • Under Action select Click
    • Under Field Type select Text
    • Under Field Text type the name of your cast device. In my case it's Sala
    (i) By doing this you're telling AutoInput to click (Action) on a button with the text (Field Type) Sala (Field Text)
    • Accept settings and go back to Tasker

    Everything should be working now. When you run the task, it'll open Google Play Music, start playing the playlist and cast it automatically to the selected cast device. :cool:

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