Create a Tile-like notification on any Android version

Notification with buttons that stays on top of your other notifications like Tiles on Android 7.0

  1. joaomgcd
    On Android Nougat AutoNotification allows you to create custom tiles that you can then perform Tasker actions with:


    In this example I create Xbox, TV off and Light toggle tiles.

    While you can't do exactly this on older Android versions, you can do something similar!
    In this example I created TV show, Movie and Stop tiles :)
    Lets see how you can do this yourself


    • Create a new Task in Tasker and call it Tiles


    • Add an AutoNotification Buttons Tasker action
    • Set the Id of the notification to tiles
    (i) This will make that every time you create this notification it'll overwrite the existing tiles notification because it has the same ID. This is a good way to always only have 1 row of tiles.
    • Set the Priority to Max
    (i) This will make the notification almost always appear at the top of the list. If other notifications are created with max priority they may appear at the top instead.
    • Optionally you can make the notification persistent so that the tiles are always present


    • Select the Images field and browse for images.
    (i) In this case I selected 3 images corresponding to TV, Movie and Stop tiles. I'll need to add 3 actions for these images next


    • Set the Actions field to names of tasks you want to perform with each tile
    (i) Since I added 3 images, I'll need to add 3 actions as well. I added tv,movies,stop
    • Set the Action Prefix field to task
    (i) This will make clicking on each tile send out an AutoApps Command like task=:=ACTION. So, for example, if I touch the first tile, the task=:=tv command will be sent.
    /!\ Make sure to also create this profile to make these actions work correctly. The profile will make sure that a command with the task=:=ACTION format will perform the task named ACTION.


    • Set the Status Bar Icon Manual field to an icon you like
    /!\ If you don't have Android Marshmallow or above, use one of the built-in icons
    • Set the Background Color to #253137. This is the same color as the tile background on Marshmallow.
    • Set the Button Size to 50
    • Set the Button Tint color to White
    • Set the Aligh field to Center
    • Set the Button Padding to 15
    • Go back to Tasker
    (i) You can make these tiles look however you like, I just tried to replicate the look of the built-in marshmallow tiles as much as possible

    STEP 6 - TEST

    If you now test the task you'll see 3 centered icons that look like tiles.
    Touching each one will make the corresponding task run. In the video those tasks didn't exist, so you can see the error messages below :p
    You can adjust the look of these buttons by using different icons, alignments, colors, sizes and paddings so it looks just the way you like it.
    For example, you could make the icons retain their original colors: