Download Free Icon Sets From v2.0

This task lets you download all the free icon sets available at

  1. Asanil
    This is a simple task I created to download the free icon sets available at Iconfinder. Iconfinder is a pretty popular site that lets you download icons both free and paid. This task can download only the free ones available here! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    You'll need AutoTools for this task to work.

    • %path : Enter the path where the icons will be stored. Tasker will automatically create a sub folder containing all the icons of that particular set.
    Update 2.0:

    P.S. This is a task that I had created while learning how to use the AutoTools HTML read action. I don't personally use this task often, but just wanted to share it with you guys...coz why not? :)


    1. IconFinder1.jpg
    2. IconFinder2.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. J Kellum
    J Kellum
    Version: v2.0
    Nice little shortcut for downloading free icons. Well done.