Get The Deezer Track ID/Link Of Current Playing Song using RapidAPI v2.1

Use this profile to automatically fetch the Deezer Track ID and Link of any song!

  1. Asanil
    AutoApps required to run this task:
    1. AutoWeb - To perform the API actions
    2. AutoNotification - To query the track name from the notification
    3. AutoTools - To create a WebScreen from which the required track can be selected
    4. AutoShare (optional) - To paste the copied link into a Google Keep Note
    This project uses DeezerAPI provided by RapidAPI to perform the search query and to get results.

    • RapidAPI Key: You'll need to get a Secret Key for the API from here. After that, import the DeezerAPI file in AutoWeb and input your secret key in it.
    • AutoNotification: You'll need to select your music player app in the configuration.
    • AutoWeb: Now each music player creates a slightly different notification. Hence sometimes the AutoNotification Query output of a particular variable e.g. %antitle() will change (track name/ album name Etc.) depending upon the player. So you'll have to first choose the correct variable and input it in the AutoWeb query field. Note that the variable must contain the track name. I use BlackPlayerEX app, so %antitle() gives me the track name.
    • AutoTools Web Screne: There's nothing much to change here, except for the card size and the colors. q(❂‿❂)p
    • AutoShare (Optional): If you have Google Keep installed, it will create a new note with the track link or else it'll just copy the link to the clipbloard. Please modify the 'SaveLink' task as per your need.
    • I've setup an AN quick tile for my convenience. So if I want to get the link for a particular song, all I have to do is click on that tile and it fires up the task and gets me the results. You can do that too if you want.
    • This API can only return 25 results at a time, so only 25 search results can be displayed at a time in the WebScreen. So far all my searches have appeared in that list.

    If you do not have AutoWeb installed, you can also use RESTask. But you'll have to do some more operations like RegEx filter etc. to get the final results.

    P.S. I've tried creating a Deezer API web service using their official API, but couldn't get it to work. Unfortunately I do not know anything about programming and web requests so t(-_-t)...jk will probably look into it sometime when I'm free. Anyways I use this profile with *ahem* DeezLoader *ahem* for android. You can also use this to get extra track info, HD album art and so on.


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