Get The Deezer Track ID/Link Of Current Playing Song using RapidAPI v2.1

Use this profile to automatically fetch the Deezer Track ID and Link of any song!

  1. Added an option to save links in a text file!

    Update 2.1:
    • Now you can save links inside a text file stored in your Tasker folder. You can change this path in the 'SaveLink' task.
    • Changed the card appearance a little. ;-)


    1. Savetotext.jpg
  2. Added a Tasker scene for searching tracks on Deezer!

    Update 2.0:
    • Added a Tasker scene in which you can enter any track name and it'll give you the results. In the previous version, if the track had a very long name e.g. 'Taki Taki (with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B)', Deezer search wouldn't work and AutoWeb wouldn't fetch the results. So to counter this problem I updated this task with an extra scene. Now in case Deezer search doesn't work because of long track name, a secne will pop up asking you to enter the track...