Get All Profiles Launched Tasks Priorities (Helper Task) 1.2

Evaluate and assign profiles launched tasks priorities

  1. autormali
    Assigning proper launched tasks priorities values for the profiles can be difficult, especially when the amount of the profiles is growing.

    This task let you list all profiles launched tasks priorities and help to allocate of the priorities values in the aspect of tasks scheduling.

    Input data, required to successfully run the task, is parsed from Tasker autobackup XML. It's necessary to have Tasker autobackup enabled. Autobackup can be enabled in Tasker preferences.

    The autobackup file is created on Tasker exit, each time the contents or preferences of the projects/profiles/tasks are changed as well as when "save" icon is pressed by the user. It ensures that the task reads the latest data.

    When the task is run, all profiles names and their launched tasks priorities values are put into AutoTools dialog or put into the clipboard for use in a text editor (there are options in the first actions to set it).

    The profiles on the list are sorted descending by priority. The priorities values are color highlighted in the ranges: 1-4, 6-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 and 41-50. Default Tasker priority (5) is not highlighted.

    That visualization gives better feedback of profile placement in the range as well as shows the profiles in the priority neighborhood.

    The task is taking into account only named profiles. Unnamed profiles are not shown in the task output. The task is using two separators: paragraph mark ¶ and vertical bar |. Do not use these characters in the profiles names otherwise the task will crash.