Headset Stereo Test 1.0

A simple speakers stereo test profile

  1. autormali
    This profile helps quickly verify that the correct audio channel is sent to each speaker. It save you from insanity caused by headset is used backwards or improperly labeled ear pieces or when it's too dark.

    The profile with Headset Plugged context is triggering the task which showing Bottom Buttons Web Screen. The audio test files for the left and right channels are automatically played and can be heard simultaneously with audio file from your player if you start listen to the music earlier than the dialog is shown. It's possible to carry out the test by pressing the dialog buttons as well. If you have bluetooth headset just change the profile context to BT Connected. To perform the test independently from the profile just run the task.

    In the first actions you can set delay time to show the dialog (auto-play the test) and directories for the test files.

    If you decide to use the other test files than these provided with the profile, you have to edit files for the left and right tests in any audio editing software by removing appropriate channel from the file.