Link Media Volume to Ringer Volume 2019-10-29

Learn how you can make changes in the media volume also change the ringer volume

  1. joaomgcd
    This will make your phone do something like this:


    • Create a profile
    • Use the Variable Set event condition
    • Use the variable %VOLM (which corresponds to the media volume)
    • Accept and create a task
    (i) This will make this profile trigger every time the media volume is changed.


    • Add a Variable Set action
    • Set the %ringer_volume variable to %VOLM*7/25
    (i)This is simply following the Rule of Three. In this case, If 25 (media volume) corresponds to 7 (ringer volume), then the current media volume corresponds to X.

    On some devices the max media or ringer volumes can be different. Simply add a Media Volume or Ringer Volume action in Tasker and set the values to their max values there and check what they are and use those values in the calculation above.
    For example, on Samsung devices the max Media Volume is 15 and the Ringer Volume is 15 as well. In that case, use the %VOLM*15/15 calculation (which in this case is equivalent of just setting it to %VOLM directly )

    /!\ Not in Video: I've now added a few extra steps at the start of the task that automatically get the max ringer and media volume for the device and use those values to calculate the correspondent value automatically so this should work on any device out of the box. :) Check the attached profile to see how the max volumes were gotten with Java Function actions.


    • Add a Ringer Volume action
    • Use a variable instead of the direct value in the seek bar by pressing the little arrows button on the top right
    • Use the %ringer_volume variable
    • Back out of Tasker to save

    STEP 4 - TEST

    Now when you change the media volume on your phone, the ringer volume will be set to a corresponding value! :cool:

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