Logitech Harmony Channel Changer 1.0

Use AutoVoice, AutoInput and the Harmony App to Voice-Control your TV Channel

  1. BenGmuN
    If, like me, you love controlling stuff with AutoVoice and happen to also have a Logitech Harmony Smart/Home Hub, you'll like this.

    The Tasker Harmony plugin, like IFTTT, only allows you to start/stop activities. I wanted to be able to change channels with my voice, so I created this Tasker profile/task.

    You will need:
    • The latest Harmony App
    • Favourite channels added in the Harmony app for channels 0 thru 9, also labelled 0 thru 9 (see picture - you need this because you can't swipe to the normal channel number screen with AutoInput)
    • Your channel number sending behaviour set to individual digits (in the Harmony app), so that you get a single digit when you click on a favourite channel instead of three (e.g. 1 instead of 001)
    To trigger this profile, simply say "Go to channel..." and then a number. This number can be 1, 2 or 3 digits long. Tasker will then split the number into individual digits (if it's greater than 9), launches the Harmony Android app and then uses the favourite channels screen to input the numbers.


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